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Our organization has been involved in numerous clients around the world

Our company has been responsible for developing long term strategies for leading brands, working with entrepreneurs to scale the marketing and communications strategies of their businesses. 

media strategy, communications & media management

Every product, campaign and marketing idea starts with creating the best foundation, which is found in the strategy. A strategy acts as a toolkit for everyone in the organization to play a part in the implementation. 

lifestyle branding, MARKETING STRATEGY, AND communications strategy

The Lifestyle sectors that we service are Health & Wellness, Fashion, Interior, Beauty, Travel, Events. We create strategy, collaborations and partnerships, networks, design and product development for the entire industry. 

small business branding & communications

LFI Published its first book by Lepang Ferguson, Wildflower Season, which was published in South Africa and the United States and is now available on Digital platforms and Bookshops in the United States. Our aim is to connect authors with the right tools for getting their books published and marketed. 

online & in-person event management strategy & planning

We have been fortunate to work and projects and with clients who are adaptable and versatile, creating dynamic and memorable events over the years. 

consumer & corporate publishing media

Although digital magazines have been on the rise for many years, Print media is still valued by most readers. We believe that magazine publishing still remains relevant and encourage some of our clients to look into producing publications to connect with their customers.

Leadership & education initiative strategy and media management

LFI  works to give communities access to Funds, partners and various community initiatives. We are particularly involved in programs that empower Women and Youth, in Education, Health and Personal Development.